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University of Pittsburgh: BS in Business Management (marketing & organizational behavior), minor in International Business, concentration in Spanish language and culture.
Pittsburgh Filmmakers: Photography

Favorite Quote:

“Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, except she did it
backwards and in high heels.”

Life Dream:
Photograph cultural weddings and events around the world for National Geographic.

Favorite Part of the Job:
I love showing someone how amazing they really are, even when they think they are not photogenic at all.

Greatest Memory With The Camera:
Photographing my first baby birth.

Craziest thing you ever photographed?
Triple Organ Transplant

Our team

Master Photographer

(Cass’ Mom & our company’s first official assistant)


B.S. – Penn State

Favorite Quote
“Shoot for the Moon because even if you miss, you will land on a star.”

Life Dream
To pay-forward all of the blessings that I have received.

Favorite Part of the Job
To capture “The Moment” that brings “The Smile”.

Master Photographer

B.A in Art and Psychology, some grad school art therapy

Favorite Quote:
“For it is not simply because of mere sluggishness alone that human relationships repeat themseles from case to case in such unspeakable monotonous and unrefreshed ways; there is also a certain shyness for unforseeable experiences because one doesn’t feel up to them. But only for the one that is on the lookout for everything, who excludes nothing, not even the most enigmaic, will the relationship to another become something alive and to speak to the whole potential of one’s existence.” -Rainer Maria Rilke

Life Dream:
To smile more than I frown. If I can do that, then I know I am on the right track.

Favorite Part of the Job:
Being a part of a milestone in someone’s life. I like witnessing the beautiful cross-section of people and the lengths that the family and friends go to make the bride and groom happy. I love the kinship; all of us coming together to make this one day something that will be remembered forever.

Alicia Baptisti:
Associate Photographer

B.A. in Fine Art from York College of Pennsylvania (major area of concentration in Photography, minor area of concentration in Printmaking), with a minor in Art History

Teaching Certification in Art, K-12, from Millersville University

Favorite Quote:
“Cherish yesterday, live today, dream tomorrow.”

Life Dream:
To teach children how to express their creativity in positive ways.

Favorite Part of the Job:
My favorite part of photographing is being able to capture a special moment in time that will never occur again in just the same way. Taking a picture of this moment enables others to see what I see.

Assistant Photographer

Associates Degree in Photography, Harrisburg Area Community College. Currently pursuing a Communication/Journalism Bachelors Degree at Shippensburg University

Favorite Quote:
Life is short! Break the rules! Forgive quickly! Kiss slowly!
Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably.
And never regret anything that made you smile

Career Ambition:
I would like to start my own portraiture studio. I enjoy taking portraits and wedding photography and I could see myself doing that for a living.

Favorite Part of the Job:
I think my favorite part of being a photographer is interacting with people and learning just a little bit about who I am taking a photo of. I believe that this knowledge helps make the photograph feel more personal!

Assistant Photographer & Editor

Graduate of West York Area High School

Favorite Quote:
Everything happens for a reason.

Life Dream:
I love taking and editing photographs. I’m not sure where that road will lead, but I know I want to do something with my love of photography.

Favorite Part of the Job:
I most enjoy sharing in, and being a part of, such an important and memorable day in a couple’s life. I love seeing their happiness captured on film for them to enjoy for years to come.

Graphic Designer & Editor

Associate Degree in Specialized Technology for the Digital Arts at the Art Institute of York Pennsylvania.

Favorite Quote:
“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.”
-Scott Adams

Life Dream:
To own my own design studio and have a great time while working it.

Favorite Part of the Job:
Photoshopping . . . just watching my vision become a reality that our clients love.


Introducing our new mascot, Cocoa, who will most likely be at the studio to greet you when you arrive.




An Accidental Photo History

My adventure in photography began when I was 14 on Red Lion Area Senior High’s yearbook staff. This was the year that I fell in love with photography. It was such a thrill to witness the varied lives of our student body, their activities, passions and events. Even being a part of a staff of 5 other photographers, over 82.8% (I counted) of the student photographs in the yearbook, were mine. At the end of the year, the entire staff save one photographer (not myself), were unceremoniously “retired” from our post. Crushed, I questioned my teacher’s logic in reducing the staff to one shooter and her comment was that she only wanted a photographer who was going to pursue this career later in life. Raised by a conservative family who only believed in a business or science education, I had never really considered photography as an actual career option . . . until then. At that moment, I had decided that some day, I would travel the world and photograph for National Geographic. I plan to dedicate my first photography book to this teacher who sent my little camera and myself, packing.

College, I pursued a degree in business (which I ended up loving) and Spanish so that I could travel most of the world, fluently, with my camera in hand. My photography education came in every direction. I first held a digital camera shooting Pitt Football and Basketball for the local paper. I remember my editor told me to put the camera on “auto” and to “get going”. You could say that I learned in the field.

I held many, many, many jobs (simultaneously) while at Pitt. Most notably, I was Pitt’s sole photography intern for years. When I started, we were still in the dark room and being in Pittsburgh, it was my job to re-print, re-construct and salvage antique photographs and negatives from Carnegie Institute. We crossed over to a digital lab during my stay and thus my Photoshop education began, learning to refinish the historic photographs on the computer instead of in the darkroom. (Just in case you were curious, I also was a Pitt lifeguard, swim teacher, interned with the Red Cross and Tailored Marketing.) I do owe a debt of thanks to Taylor of Tailored Marketing for teaching me the power of running a small business with interns. My interns have been my salvation and I would not have pulled through without their support and the loyalty of my photography staff (thank you).

My photography education seems so long ago. My professors were working artists in Pittsburgh, who shared their inspiration at Pittsburgh Filmmakers. Every semester, I studied everything from documentary photography to non-silver printing. However, I studied at the end of an era. They only offered Photoshop and Digital Photography classes after I graduated leaving my digital education in the hands of some of the greatest photographer’s of today. My crew and I have traveled the region and the country studying in incredible workshops where we have studied light and technology innovation. Through these opportunities I have photographed subjects from the great American Southwest to Olympic athletes under the guidance of top photographers from National Geographic, NY Times, Sports Illustrated and more. We love learning and innovating our work. You will always see something new at cassandrastorm.com.

My final semester of college, I began designs for motivational artwork for children which I marketed to schools as a fundraiser. I pounded the pavement for a year with my start-up with only mild success while stringing for the York Dispatch and YA Varsity. In searching for new models for my artwork, I was receiving increasing demand for portrait and event photography. After my first year out of school, I photographed my first wedding as an experimentation. Not having apprenticed with any wedding or portrait photographers I decided to shoot the wedding with my own style and I fell in love. My fate was sealed. A wedding photographer was born. That first year we did twelve weddings and the following year, 26. In the blink of an eye my career had changed and we have been having a ball with our bridal couples ever since. For us, the wedding celebration is only the beginning. We love revisiting with our couples over the years photographing their memories as their families grow.

And for National Geographic? . . . just keep watching and you’ll see us there. We now photograph internationally. Check out our blog and portfolio to follow our latest adventure. We welcome you to capture your memories and follow your hearts and dreams with us.

Stay Tuned,
Cassandra Storm




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The Arthritis Foundation
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