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Keystone Conference 2019

Important Changes for 2019.

Cassandra will be offering hotel and boudoir portraiture Wednesday through Friday at the hotel.  She will only be photographing portraiture in the Day Room on Saturday.

To accommodate the growing size of the Keystone Conference, Cassandra has asked photographer Leslie Arakelian (based out of Virginia) to take over studio portraiture in the Day Room on Thursday and Friday.  To schedule a studio portrait with Leslie for Thursday or Friday, please contact her at:

Photography Packages

       You have to email Cassandra If you wish to sign up for a portrait session at

Please note that this online list may not be fully up to date when you view it online.  Cassandra will do everything possible to set your appointment as close to your desired time as possible.  Portrait times fill up quickly so do not delay in reserving your portrait time.  Portrait times can only be reserved with payment for the session via Paypal, check or money order.

Available Portrait Times

     Whether this is your first time at the conference or you are a seasoned attendee, we suggest that you read below to learn everything that Cassandra Storm Photography has to offer.   Below is a quick overview of all the information on this page.  If you have any questions at all, we are always just a call or click away!

 Order Forms

Please note that you cannot reserve your portrait times without pre-paying for your package.

Click Here for the 2019 portrait packages.

Please email Cassandra the information below and she will fill out the form for you with the closest available portrait times.  :

    • Preferred Name, Phone (optional) and email address.
    • The name of the package(s) you are ordering.
    • Your preferred portrait dates and times.
    • Do you want to have your images airbrushed? (not included with cell phone packages)
  • Preferred method of payment.

You will receive a receipt and confirmation from Cassandra Storm via email within two weeks of your order.

Saturday Day Backdrop

Calling all Game of Thrones Fans!

Welcome to Winter

Available till 4 PM on Saturday.

Gala Backdrop Saturday Night

Pink Glamour

Available after 5 PM on Saturday.


  • Can I use my camera phone or my own camera during the portrait session?

Cassandra can use your own camera and/or your cell phone camera during your portrait session.  There is no extra fee or discount for having Cassandra also photograph with your equipment.

  • What happens if I miss my portrait session?

      You are responsible for remembering your portrait times.  Portrait sessions will be listed on the outside doors of the Day Room at all times throughout the conference.  If you miss your portrait session you forfeit your session fee.  Portrait sessions are not refundable if canceled after February 28th, 2018.

  • How much time should I schedule between my makeover and my portrait session?

       Cassandra recommends that you give at least a one-hour buffer between the end of your makeup session and the beginning of your portrait session throughout the conference and a two-hour session later in the day on Saturday.  Some of our amazingly talented makeup artists at the conference have a tendency to run behind schedule.  We suggest that you ask your make-up artist the likelihood of their staying on schedule for your particular makeover date and time and take note of this when booking your portrait session with Cassandra Storm.  Please keep in mind that a missed portrait session due to your makeover running behind is still a non-refundable, missed portrait session.

  • What can I expect from my Boudoir Photography Package?

       Boudoir Photography Packages are limited in availability for Tuesday and Wednesday and are only available for previous portrait clients of Cassandra Storm Photography.  Boudoir sessions last thirty minutes and are photographed in your hotel room.  Boudoir Portrait Sessions can range in outfits from being fully clothed to tasteful lingerie.  Nothing sexual or erotic will be tolerated in Boudoir Sessions.  This includes and is not limited to sex toys, erotic lingerie, etc.   If the client attempts to use anything of this nature or behaves in an inappropriate manner during the portrait session, Cassandra Storm reserves the right to end the portrait session immediately upon her discretion without issuing a refund.  You may contact Cassandra at any time before your session to pre-approve your outfits or ask any questions as to what constitutes appropriate outfits and behavior for your boudoir session.  Reasons to order a Boudoir Portrait Session may include the desire to be photographed with a sense of privacy, perhaps in an outfit that you would not want to wear around the hotel or for a change of scenery from the available backdrops, props and furniture available in the Day Room and throughout the hotel.

  • Suggestions for your Boudoir Photography Session
  1. Prepare no more than three outfits for your session. Cassandra and her assistant, Pat, will excuse themselves from your hotel room when you need to change from one outfit to the next.

  2. Keep your room clean. Do the best you can to keep the clutter off the floor, bed, dresser and along the walls of your hotel room.  The cleaner your room is, the more opportunity Cassandra has for posing you around your room.  Examples of portrait locations in a Boudoir Session would be your bed, next to your window, looking in the mirror above your dresser and sitting in the lounge chair provided in your room.  The best place to keep your belongings during this session is near the door to your room, bathroom and closet of the hotel room.  Please do your best to keep the bed near your window, night stand and your window area clear of personal items.  Below is an example of how lovely, unique and fun a boudoir session can be, even if you are fully clothed.
  3. Images from your Boudoir Session will never be posted online by Cassandra Storm. They will be emailed to you privately.  They will include a copyright and be emailed at a web-resolution.  Your session includes all the images photographed, unedited.  You will select your eight favorite images to be edited and fully airbrushed no later than May 26th, 2017 to complete your package.  Cassandra will edit and airbrush these images to be returned to you in a timely manner.  You can order prints from this session.
  4. Special Tip: Last year, one client had sent herself a bouquet of flowers to her hotel room. These flowers added a lovely aroma and prop for her Boudoir Session.  We thought this was a wonderful idea and recommend that you give yourself this special treat at the start of the conference as well.
An example of a boudoir session.

An example of a fully clothed Boudoir Portrait Session in a clutter free hotel room with a fresh bouquet of flowers for decoration.

Did we answer all of your questions?  If not, call, text or email us here:  717-887-3124 and

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