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Growing Up I Dreamed

Of Being Indiana Jones


I longed for adventure and the open road.  My bucket list of travel destinations has always included locales with exotic foods where I can spend days immersed in foreign cultures.  I first picked up a camera at fourteen and it became my passport into these other worlds.  As I grew older, I realized that my camera was not just a tool to chronicle my own journey but to share the amazing stories of those who cross my path and the incredible moments that we share.

My life work is capturing these once in a lifetime moments that take your breath away, whether it is the romance of a first kiss after a couple declares, “I do” or a buffalo stampede.  Each of these unique experiences, no matter how intimate or global, fills my soul with that sense of adventure that I longed for as a child.

Though I am a globe trotter to my core, nothing fills my heart like a day spent at home with my family.  When I am not behind a lens or a computer, I can be found working in my garden alongside my Basset-Lab, Cocoa.  He loves to help me harvest the dinner that will later fill our kitchen with the warm smells of home.  As much as I revel in capturing the lives of my clients, I love to share mine with them as well.  My studio is nestled in my home and it is not uncommon to find my clients relaxing with Cocoa at our bar, enjoying one of my husband’s famous craft cocktails and a bite or two of our latest culinary experiment.

I would love to learn more about your story.  Contact me and we can start our next adventure together.

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If you wish to follow my journey, whether it be travel, a behind –the-scenes look of a day with my camera, or just one of our many adventures in the kitchen, then follow me on Instagram, Twitter and SnapChat @ CassandraStorm1

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